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5 avantages d’être propriétaire dans un domaine avec gestion privée

Club Kanata

13 July 2017

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Owning a cottage is a dream come true. From perfect weekend getaways, to peaceful vacations, to being close to all your favourite outdoor activities, owning a cottage has so many advantages. However, with ownership comes a certain level of responsibility. Luckily, places like Kanata Tremblant offer a customizable concierge service. This means you can spend more time enjoying yourself and relaxing and less time sweating the small stuff. Read on to discover the five benefits of owning a cottage with a concierge service.

#1: A concierge service makes planning all your activities a breeze!

Just like in a good hotel, a concierge service will make planning your activities as easy as 1, 2, 3! Need a reservation at the hottest new restaurant? Or looking for a quaint place for a romantic evening? Want to book an exciting outdoor activity? Need a place to buy a special present? Whatever your need, a concierge service is here to help. And with Club Kanata so close to world famous Mont-Tremblant resort, there is never a dull moment. With so many shows, restaurants, festivals and special events in the area, a concierge service is ideal for helping you plan your daytime and nighttime festivities.

#2: A concierge service helps make the most of shorter stays

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes getting away can be a bit of a challenge. Make even the shortest of stays easier by using a concierge service. A concierge service can take care of mundane things. For example, a concierge will be able to make sure your house is stocked with groceries. Additionally, they will ensure the walkway and driveway have been plowed in the wintertime. These little things can really add up and make a short stay less stressful. With a concierge service you can make the most of your time away and not be bogged down with boring errands.

#3: No need to worry about property management

With Club Kanata’s personalized concierge services, your property is in good hands. For example, a concierge service like the one at Club Kanata can ensure all your bills are paid on time. From school taxes to property taxes to electricity and heating bills. Furthermore, they can keep an eye on your cottage if you are unable to visit weekly. This is especially reassuring in the winter, when pipes freezing or other issues might occur.

Most importantly, if you plan on renting your cottage, a property management service is a must. From cleaning to finding renters, a reliable property management service is a game changer and worth every penny!

#4: A concierge service is there to accept deliveries and more

If your cottage is mostly a weekend house, then you know that organizing deliveries or maintenance work can be a logistical nightmare. Most companies deliver during the week so having someone on site to manage everything is ideal. A concierge service can accept deliveries of appliances, furniture, and other items. Furthermore, any repair or maintenance work you may want to eventually do on your cottage can be managed for you. From landscaping to renovations, a concierge service can be on site to supervise and make sure everything goes according to plan.

#5: Access to communal services and amenities

Furthermore, many cottages with concierge services will have a host of amenities and communal services to enjoy. For example, owners at Club Kanata have access to their Club House. Here, you can enjoy the spa with sauna, conference rooms, Internet, game room with billiard table, function room and more. This is perfect for planning events, holding meetings or simply enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

Thinking about buying a cottage? Contact Club Kanata and take advantage of their top-quality amenities and customizable concierge services.

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