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Advantages of Buying a Second Home in a Resort

Club Kanata

13 July 2017

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Who does not dream of buying a second home in a resort area, such as Mont Tremblant? Being in nature, away from traffic jams and the frenzy of city, and reconnecting to a quieter and more peaceful environment. Owning a second home in the countryside has all kinds of advantages. Here are some of the things that motivate buyers.

Buying a Second Home — A Lifestyle Choice

Having a cottage in a resort area is a lifestyle choice. The countryside, the fresh air and the tranquility, all things considered, outweigh the city, the pollution and the noise. And actually owning it is like having a home away from home, without ever needing to call ahead to make a reservation.

And practical, too. Owning a cottage is not like going off on a trip, because your stuff will already be there. No more luggage to pack, or so little. No more skis, or other equipment, to load on the roof of your car. To put it simply, you’re just going home, your second home in the country.

Your country residence can also become a gathering place for family and friends. Moreover, by living in the country, even part-time, you’ll come across people who enjoy nature and tranquility, just like you do. After a while, you’ll get to know the local residents and, if you so wish, be part of a small peaceful community.

Buying a Second Home — A Haven in More Than one Way

A second home, surrounded by nature, is a personal haven, away from the busy city life. As an investment, a second home is also a safe haven for investors. Historically, real estate has proved that it can retain or increase its value better than other investments, especially when it’s located in sought-after places.

A second home can also become a source of income for the proprietor: rental income. Rental income can play an important part in financing the purchase. In addition, by renting it yourself, the operating expenses may be deductible.

Mont Tremblant—Everything a Resort Can Offer

The accessibility of a cottage, as well as the activities available nearby, greatly affects its value. Mont Tremblant could easily claim to be the best resort area in the province of Quebec, in all seasons. Skiing, golfing, snowshoeing, kayaking, fishing, tennis, cycling, swimming, hiking … and the list of available activities goes on and on. Easy access to such activities is an important factor to consider when buying a second home.

But no need to drive very far, The Club Kanata estate organizes its own activities. Helicopter rides, wild mushroom picking, initiation to rock climbing, or to astronomy, the estate offers innovative activities. In addition, Club Kanata is located in Amherst, a small community only 20 minutes away from the city of Mont Tremblant and, by the same token, 20 minutes away from a gourmet meal, a concert hall, a spa and boutiques, among other things.

A Virtual Tour of Club Kanata’s Cottages

The log cottages offered by the Club Kanata estate are enough to make anybody dream. You can visit them, outside as well as inside, wherever you are, thanks to the virtual tour. Several models are available, among which La Nordique, for those who love sunlight, with its impressive facade of windows; L’Hémisphère, designed as an intergenerational home; and La Canadienne, with its three front dormer windows and its gorgeous stone chimney.

You can also simply purchase of lot of land and build the cottage of your dreams, either independently, or by asking Club Kanata to build it, in whole or in part. That said, there are no obligations to build when purchasing a lot of land. It can simply be an investment.

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